About Idnadartaekni

Idnadartaekni is an important player in the automation field in Iceland. Since its inception in 1991 it has served at some of the most ambitious automation projects and actively participated in the development of new automation methods.


Idnadartaekni designs, programs, installs and maintains automation systems. Building control, swimming pool control, manufacturing facilities, powerplants and remote monitoring are among project types in which Idnadartaekni has great experience and thorough knowledge. Idnadartaekni professionally meets the automation needs in the following scenarios and many more:
  • Most larger buildings today are equipped with automation systems to improve environment quality and maintenance efficiency.
  • The EIB/KNX standard has become the norm in lighting control and it opens up a whole new dimension in this type of control. EIB/KNX can also be successfully used for other types of control: heating, natural ventilation, blinds control etc.
  • Swimming pools are controlled for improved swimmer comfort and to enable the staff to monitor and control important variables with ease.
  • Smaller powerplants require control and constant monitoring and by moving a monitoring unit to the operator in a remote location, costs can be greatly reduced.
  • Most production facilities have some form of automation system. In larger facilities, manufacturing execution systems (MES) provide floor staff, as well as managers greater overview and control.


Idnadartaekni provides its customers with all the necessary components for a modern automation system. We provide robust and affordable Koyo programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from AutomationDirect as well as the advanced Genesis32 SCADA system from Iconics. Idnadartaekni's many installations have proven the seamless integration between the two and shown that these products are top of the line. Independently, the two have also presented flawless operations for years on end.

In addition to these two core products in Idnadartaekni's product line, we also provide the latest in touch screen technology, both full blown PC touch screens from 3M as well as PLC dedicated C-More touch screens from AutomationDirect. Other supplementary specialty items such as small operator panels, sensors, actuators and more can also be found in Idnadartaekni's product line.


Idnadartaekni's project list is a clear indication of the company's integrity and the trust that the market has towards it. We have great experience and knowledge inhouse and have applied it in a variety of projects as our diverse project list expresses. There are swimming pools and spas, heating and ventilation systems, lighting control, municipal central heating systems, powerplants, manufacturing execution systems and many more. In addition to the conventional system integration projects, Idnadartaekni has also focused some of its efforts to research and development in the fields of computer science, electronics and automation. The company's efforts have been acknowledged by official grants and many of the projects have resulted in successful commercial products. It is a firm belief of Idnadartaekni's team that pioneering R&D is essential fuel to technology businesses.
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